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    Why the original Woolly?

    01. The Woolly Way

    We’re the generation that lives on the edge—it’s in our threads. We provide a difference you can feel by being the first to bridge the gap between comfort and style. Being the original matters to us. The Woolly is not just a pullover—it’s a lifestyle.

    The Woolly Way

    02. All the colors

    Our signature threads are woven together to create unique, vintage colors that have yet to be replicated. As versatile as they are comfortable, we have a Woolly to match every personality.

    The Woolly Way

    03. All - American

    The original Woolly is and will always be a fully American-made product. From production to your doorstep, we take the time to do things the right way. We believe American-made is a trend that should have never gone out of style.

    All American

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