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    The Woolly Story

    Woolly Threads™ is an apparel company based in Baton Rouge, La., that sells a unique pullover known as the Woolly™. This small business is the brainchild of Mason Dupré and Natalie John, who was inspired by a fabric she found while travelling. Mason and Natalie researched this material to create the Woolly™, which is made unique by its reverse-loop™ material and comfortable styling.

    In launching Woolly Threads™, Mason and Natalie started with a group they knew— sororities at LSU—and marketed directly to them, touring chapter meetings to present the product in person. Less than a year later, Woolly Threads™ had already outgrown its first two locations: Mason’s apartment and its first warehouse. Woollies™ are found on more than 170 college campuses, and with a new line of collegiate licenses, this number continues to grow.

    The only thing better than the Woolly Threads™ story is the Woolly™ itself. Woollies™ feature quality, made-in-America construction for vintage comfort and effortless style. These details make the Woolly™ both casual and stylish—perfect to wear to a football tailgate, stash in your bag for a weekend getaway or throw on after a workout. 

    “Roam Free” and partner with Woolly Threads™.

    Who We Are

    In light of the remarkable outpour of messages from our supporters via email, phone, and social media alerting us to the recent knockoffs that have come into the marketplace…

    “While it’s unfortunate there aren’t many protections against forgeries in the clothing business, I believe it speaks volumes to what we’re doing. Companies that have been around for decades, some worth 100m+ are now following our lead. What these companies don’t understand is that we were able to break into this heavily guarded billion-dollar industry with 10k dollars, a discover card, and an apartment for a reason. We are who we sell to. The average age of our team is 21 years old. We understand that the apparel buyer of our generation is no longer running out to buy simply anything with a random overpriced company name or logo on it. Clothing today must have meaning. In providing that to the marketplace, we’ve shown that there is room for how we do things. Our authenticity is appreciated. Our example that you can be young and turn a traditional industry on its’ head is welcomed. Many of the companies attempting a knock-off of our product haven’t been original for years, we just have such a unique product that they can’t hide how blatant their plagiarism is. For so long it has been a game of spotting original works & using distribution to stomp out the up-and-coming company. What they forgot along the way is that it’s not just about the licensed logo, that the garment should mean something as well. This generation of buyers doesn’t want the cheapest made blank that has their school’s name on it. People want TOM’s, not Sketcher’s Bobs… This is no different. We’ve raised the bar & now they’re following us. At the end of the day we take great pleasure in the fact that the customer is better for it.

    All that being said, we know that there is value in being the original. That our customers know that when they buy a Woolly, they are supporting a story. They are choosing to support someone just like them. They are choosing to help build a community around an idea. An idea that supports a worker making a true living wage in North Carolina and South Carolina. Real People. Good people. They’re your neighbors behind you at the local grocery, school pickup line, and coffee shop. People who leave the factory in Charlotte, NC or Clover, SC to spend those wages in their communities supporting local families and the cycle continues… My Hope is that our supporters will hold retailers responsible. See a knock-off & call it what it is. Ask them to offer the real product. Help them to understand and join the many amazing retailers that have already seen Woolly Threads as a chance to do the right thing. Clothing stores don’t get the chance to buy U.S. made goods too often, but on this they do. They also understand that they’re no different than grocery stores in the sense that while there are many replica cola options, to not sell Coke would be a disservice to their patrons. A copy by some other name is just a cheap import sweater. There is only one Woolly.

    We’re proving every day that people are ready for a company to care a little more. We’re here to do things differently & We’re not going to apologize for it.

    With care,

    Mason Dupre - CEO Woolly Threads
    Mason Dupre


    Woolly Threads™ provides tradition and trend to bring comfort in a way that provokes the thought, “Where has this been?” In celebration of individuality, association and everything in between, we exemplify comfort with a revived sense of youth. “Join the herd”, and be a part of the adventure.

    The Customer

    The Woolly Threads™ customer is anyone who values three things: quality, comfort & style. The Woolly™ is well loved among the Greek community, on college campuses and in select ski resorts across the United States.

    Current Products

    Woolly Threads™ has been successful because of its commitment to quality construction and simple design. It all began with our first product in one color - The Original Woolly™ in Neutral - but as our ideas have grown, so has our versatility, allowing The Original Woolly™ to become available in more colors.

    Be sure to keep a lookout: new products are on the horizon!

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    Current Opportunities

    Woolly Threads™ recently launched its first line within the collegiate market, signing deals with an increasing number of universities and bringing its products to even more customers.

    Partnership opportunities exist for companies interested in joining the Woolly Threads™ movement.

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